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It seems very fun actually. Seems like tools will be sorta underused/redundant? (arent most items they will pick up similar to their tools?) Maybe the punishment for being seen is too harsh lol.

For people who don't have dice with 20 faces but still want to roll some dice: you can turn rolling two 6 sided dice into either 18 options (roll 1d6, then roll again but count the 1d6 as if having 3 side) or 21 options (roll both die, the combinaison without order gives 21 results) easily. So just add or remove 2 of the pdf's options!

one idea I have, is when the game ends, give them a score based on some conditions I have written on my own lol, like "do the windows have curtains?" or "can everyone sit with this number of chair/couch?"

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This game is so cool I want to hack it! ;)

With a slow mode variant : each turn is simultaneous and lasts one day long, and you can be “seen” for real.

oml this is delightful. I especially love the occas prompts to imagine such-and-such while playing.