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Mushy v1.2 --

Build spires of once-were-chairs, wander through a faded landscape of assumed logical choices, and sail the mushy seas of half-remembered pixel art conventions.


Included in this pack: 440 64 x 64 pixel tiles, including sets trained on; plants, building materials, flooring, ground, water, rocks, objects, and blocks. Download either a complete spritesheet or the individual tiles.

Update, 2/4/19 -- This pack has been extended with 384 new tiles trained on every set at once! They're Mushy_Extended in the downloads.

This free to use tileset was generated by DCGAN-tensorflow, running on tens of thousands of creative-commons tiles, including the work of;

Opengameart contributors: darkrose, Yar, Seth Galbraith, Clint Bellanger, rubberduck, artisticdude, Amstrad, Kenney, Varkalandar, pixel32, p0ss, IsometricRobot, Jetrel, FLAG, bart, yd, Matt Merkulov, JanaChumi, rrexky, Glondo, Sidhi0n, paulb, Bleed, 2DPIXX, Varkalandar (Hansjörg Malthaner), surt, formconstant, Leonard Pabin, and extradave;

Deviantart contributors: neoz7, Unit 35, Redknight91, frootzcat, liteady73, and spasquini;

itch.io contributors; hernandack, Devil's Work.shop, AlexKingAK, jaqmarti (Jaqueline Martin), and mewki;

and the contributors to RLTiles (rltiles.sourceforge.net); Denzi, Alex Korol, Edger, Wan-ichi, So-Miya, Haruko Numata, Tatsuya, AllegroHack tiles (Kelly Youngblood, Paul Pliska, John Harris), Dainokata, and Zmy.

(As well as some classic game rips.)


These tiles operate under a CC-BY-3.0 license, please credit it in your projects.

I recommend using them in Tiled, a free map editor.


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Mushy_Spritesheets.zip 7 MB
Mushy_Extended_Spritesheets.zip 5 MB
Mushy_Individual_Tiles.zip 5 MB
Mushy_Extended_Individual_Tiles.zip 3 MB

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How would you go about using these? They don't have transparent backgrounds, so there's no way to overlap them.. And they don't fit Tiled's 64x64 grid: 64x48 is pretty close but I don't see that Tiled has any option to parse an image with vertical spacing but no horizontal spacing. And of course, being neural-network derived they don't all fit the same grid shape exactly

So...interesting concept, but it seems like these still need a lot of postprocessing work to turn them into a tileset that's even remotely usable.

If you want to use them in Tiled you'll set your Tiled project to a 64 x 32 Isometric grid, which they will fit. Transparent pngs are in the individual tiles download if you would like to overlap them. 

Ah cool, thanks for adding those so promptly.

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love this, thanks for existing



this is an incredible asset. thanks so much for sharing it with the world for free !!