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just got done playing this with my partner and ohhhh my godddd it was incredible! the system was near tailor made for our tastes and it was so fun. the system is beautifully written and is honestly a moving work on its own, but when played it leads so naturally to heartfelt storytelling. there are moments in which you have to pause and read the instructions, but those moments of dead air are baked into the heart of the game and so never feel like theyre awkward or hurting the story. 

i played the operator (Senior Communications Officer Tenzin Lau)and set up a little control panel with a piece of paper and some sticky notes and it really added to the atmosphere (pun intended). We used an online walkie talkie website with push to talk and it really had impeccable vibe. It took us 30 minutes to complete and it felt neither rushed nor drawn out, the system let us take just as much time as we needed.

I would *highly* recommend this system for those that love storytelling that has just such a *vibe* and who want that lovely feeling of learning about another character in a ttrpg but in a short amount of time. For a single dollar, this is a *steal*. I'm already thinking about replaying it. 


this is INCREDIBLY good. i loved playing it and the playbook works as a piece of fiction in it's own right! very very glad i came across this game, i enjoyed it and the characters that spawned from it immensely

I love the update you've done! It's beautiful. 

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My pal and I just finished telling our story of Captain Juno Rogers and Operator Moss Speck and had a great time. Thank you for the lovely 2-player game :)


This looks great! Looking forward to trying it 😄