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PLAY THE GAME ON ROBLOX, HERE - > https://www.roblox.com/games/5987685753/Roblox-Dream-Diary-wip

Roblox Dream Diary is, as promised, a dream diary hosted on Roblox. Making an account is free, but you'll have to do that before you can play. 

I've been keeping the dream diary since November 2020 and it has a dozen-odd microgames and tableaux inside, which you can reach by walking through each door. Consider Roblox Dream Diary as an exploration of the tool and ecosystem of Roblox Studio, as well as a series of small environments and worlds.

Most of the games are will host multiple people at once, and you can explore them with friends.

Again, that link is here; https://www.roblox.com/games/5987685753/Roblox-Dream-Diary-wip


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I love this! Really inventive and aesthetically pleasing use of a platform that is full of kitsch and weird attention grabbers... will drop a mention or two across my book on games I'm writing now :) good luck with all!


Super cool!