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The Worm Room is a first person greenhouse exploration game. Wander through an endless series of glasshouses, or turn on the screensaver mode and let it walk for you.

Plants sourced from the Biodiversity Heritage Library (public domain).

The Worm Room was originally commissioned for the Triennale Game Collection in 2016. Standalone edition 2020.



click on path to move

click & drag to look

scroll to zoom

press ➠ to start/stop screensaver mode

press ⁂ to change camera projection

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
AuthorEverest Pipkin
TagsAtmospheric, Endless, Experimental, Exploration, First-Person, Generator, Walking simulator


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KInd of a bug report, but it's not really a bug per se: the launcher screen is about 20-30 pixels too tall to fit on my old laptop's 1440x900 display, once my linux distribution's menu bar and window title bar take their share of vertical space (about 74 pixels). There's just about enough space to hit the Launch button.

Otherwise I'm really liking this :)

Thank you so much for the heads up! Unfortunately, I think (?) I have no control over the placement of the launcher - that's all Unity. I might be able to just skip the quality settings stuff for Linux, though and have it just start automatically?


this looks great, your color palettes are always nice ~

MacOS version doesn't work in Catalina, possibly because discontinued 32-bit support?

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Hm - its a 64 bit build, but from Windows and I only run High Sierra on my Mac so its a bit hard to test. Did it give you an error?

Just a popup that says 'The application "Worm_Room_mac.app" can't be opened.'

Tried from downloads folder and applications folder. Happy to try other stuff if you want help debugging.


Ah, my guess is that this is not an issue with the build itself but is rather a permissions issue. Are you comfortable with the command line? Can you see if the solution described here fixes it if so? 


Yup, seems like it. Thanks! Magic trick was:
1. chmod +x /Applications/Worm_Room_mac.app/Contents/MacOS/Worm_Room_mac

2. right click open the app in finder so you get the "trust this unverified dev" app open flow.


Great, thank you! Gonna leave this here if anyone else runs into this, and see if I can upload a version that fixes this from the getgo.


As far as I know, just "right click > open" should let you get the permission popup, the command line things are just for that particular broken app and not all of them.

Also, using the itch.io desktop app will avoid running into this since it directly launches the apps.